Out Now!

So I’ve rebooted my website again. I do this every 2 years, it seems – I’ll spend a week of late nights and sore eyes painstakingly crafting a new design, and then I’ll scrap it all, start again, revert to the original idea, and then lash out recklessly at anyone who asks if I’m feeling okay. Eventually, I’ll find a new template, or art asset, or font, or wave of inspiration, and I’ll put in another week to push out something fancy. And then it sits there on the internet collecting e-dust.

Things are different this time. Maybe. Possibly. Last year was a struggle (to say the least) but I can tell already that in 2021, everything’s coming up Millhouse. To that end, I’m going to try and commit to writing more, so I figure why not share some of it on the internet this time?

So, park your butt nearby and stay tuned.

TL;DR – yeah my website has a blog now